Creating or editing a custom unique name

You can create a new custom unique name for a portal resource or update an existing custom unique name.


  1. Select a resource type. Manage Custom Unique Names initially displays a list of resource types. Select a resource type by clicking it, for example, Portlets. Manage Custom Unique Names then lists all portal resources of the selected type, for example, all portlets of the portal.
  2. Select a resource. From the list of resources, click the Edit icon for the portal resource for which you want to assign or change the custom name. Manage Custom Unique Names displays the Unique name: entry field for specifying the unique name, together with the identifying information for the selected resource. For example, this can be the portlet title and the Unique Identifier used internally by the portal.
    Note: To select a portlet instance as the resource, click Pages, navigate to the page containing the portlet instance, and click Edit by the portlet name.
  3. Type the unique name that you want to assign to the selected portal resource or update the name as required.
    1. This name must be unique within the portal.
    2. A unique name must not exceed 255 characters in length.
    3. A unique name must not start with an IBM internal prefix, such as ibm or Otherwise clashes with internal unique names might occur, for example with pages provided with the default portal installation or published site management artifacts.
    If you want to remove the unique name from the resource, delete the name from the field.
  4. Click OK to save your updates, or click Cancel if you do not want to save the updates.
    Manage Custom Unique Names returns to the previous panel. If you clicked OK, it displays the new name with the resource in the table.
  5. Return to the resource type list by clicking Select type.