Roadmap: Creating your landing page template

You are an administrator that wants to create a landing page template that is specific to Greenwheels Travel. Page templates that display in Site Manager are created in the administration area of the site from existing page templates. This roadmap shows you how to create a Greenwheels landing page template, assign a workflow to your template, and change the theme to use your Greenwheels theme. Content authors can later select your new Greenwheels Landing Page template from Site Manager to create landing pages on your site.

Who should use this roadmap

The HTML prototypes that you received from a design agency show designs for the Products and Events landing pages. Your goal is to ensure that your page template has the required structure that enables a content author to easily create the Products and Events landing pages from the page template that you create. Go to Roadmap: Determining the design requirements from an HTML prototype to review the structure of the landing pages of the HTML prototypes.

The design shows a Greenwheels theme, a banner, and a dynamic list page component. The dynamic list displays a summary view of content items that are relevant to the landing page. You do not plan to add the banner and dynamic list page components to the Greenwheels page template. A content author can add the banner and dynamic list page components to landing pages that are created from your template. You plan to associate your Greenwheels Landing page template to the Greenwheels theme as shown in the design. The design also requires a hidden details page to store content items that are shown on the landing page through a dynamic list page component. Content authors need a page template that creates both a landing page and a hidden page.

The existing Landing Page template creates two pages, a landing page and a hidden Content page and uses the Portal 8.5 theme. You can use this roadmap to learn how to use the existing Landing Page template as the foundation for your Greenwheels Landing Page template. Once you create the new template, you can learn how to associate a workflow to your template, and how to apply the Greenwheels theme to any pages created from the template.

Creating your page template, assigning a workflow, and assigning your Greenwheels theme to your template.


  1. Turn on Edit Mode from the action bar. Site Manager opens automatically.
  2. Open the project menu and click New Project.
  3. Type Implement HTML prototype as your project name and click Create.
  4. Open the portal administration menu and click Portal User Interface > Page Templates.

    Individual page templates are organized by a hidden label.

    After you click Page Templates, view a list of the current page templates. Click Page Templates again from the interface that opens.

  5. Click on any page template in Site Manager and click the context menu icon Screen capture of the context menu by a page template. Click Create Sibling Page.
  6. From the Create Page dialog, specify a Page title and Friendly URL.
    In this example, you can enter Greenwheels Landing Page in the Page title field. The page name that you enter is added to the Friendly URL name field.
  7. Select the Landing Page (2 pages) template for your new page template.
  8. Click Create Page.
Add a workflow to your page template.
Tip: You can set a workflow only on items that are in a draft state. Because of this behavior, you must create the template as a draft in the context of a project. By working in a project, you can also verify the workflow to make sure that the stages behave as expected.
  1. Click on your Greenwheel Landing Page template in Site Manager and click the context menu icon Screen capture of the context menu. Click Open Page Settings.
  2. Click Edit Page Properties.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. For the Workflow, click Select. Click the Web Content library and select Landing Page Workflow and click OK.
    You created the Landing Page Workflow in an earlier roadmap. Go to Roadmap: Controlling who can create drafts, review, and publish content with workflows
Change the theme settings to use the Greenwheels Theme.
  1. Click the Advanced tab.
  2. In the Theme Settings section, select Greenwheels Theme for the theme.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Submit your project that contains the Greenwheels Landing Page template for review and then publish the project. Your page template now appears from the Create Page option in site manager.


You created a Greenwheels Landing Page template based on the Landing Page template. From site manager, the Greenwheels Landing Page template displays in the list of available page templates.