Migrating to WebSphere Application Server V9.0

If you are installing HCL Digital Experience Version 9.0, migrate your IBM WebSphere Application Server to Version 9.0.

About this task

Attention: IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Version 9.0 is only supported on HCL Digital Experience Version 9.0. You must first install HCL Portal Version 9.0 before you migrate to WebSphere® Application Server Version 9.0.
Before you begin, ensure that you meet the following requirements:
WebSphere® Application Server
The target WebSphere® Application Server Version 9.0 environment must be installed on the same server as the HCL Portal Version 9 server.
HCL Portal
The HCL Portal must be upgraded to the following levels (on all nodes if in a cluster):
  • HCL Portal Version 9