Overview | HCL Digital Experience 9.0

HCL Digital Experience provides a single access point to web content and applications, while it delivers differentiated, personalized experiences per user.

Multiple solutions are available to fit your needs.

HCL Portal

This foundation offering provides a single access point to web content and applications and delivers socially infused, differentiated, personalized experiences for each site visitor. HCL Portal Server supports workflows, limited content management, simplified usability and administration, development tools and Web 2.0, open standards, security, and scalability. The result delivers exceptional web experiences across multiple channels, in context with the correct business applications and data, to engage and collaborate effectively, improve business productivity, and deliver better business results.

HCL Portal Enable and Extend

These offerings add capability on to the foundation HCL Portal Server offering. The Enable and Extend offerings add web content management capabilities. The offerings deliver the correct information to the correct audience. They include rich text editing tools, web content templates, workflow, advanced enterprise search, and personalization services. Used together, these features help you build rich websites that can deliver highly targeted and dynamic content to customers, partners, and employees in more relevant ways.

HCL Web Content Manager and Standard Edition

HCL Web Content Manager increases efficiency and accuracy of website deployments. This is achieved by placing content creation in the hands of content experts to create, maintain, and deliver online content while IT retains control.

For additional information about HCL Digital Experience solutions, visit HCL Digital Experience website.