Partner site | HCL Digital Experience

The audiences for a partner site are the partners of an organization. The site provides information and applications that are not applicable to the broader audience of consumers. A partner site would typically require a login but would not use an automated registration system. The business partners would be known to the company and given a login to access the partner site.

A partner site can include the following areas:
  • A news area that is focused on partners. Larger organizations that work in multiple areas of business might personalize the news area to suit each partner.
  • A promotions area that details special deals for partners.
  • Online services, providing useful tools and resources for partners to use, such as calculators, forms, and catalogs.
  • A billing area where partners can see the current bill status for services that are contracted from the organization.
  • A community area where partners might post information about themselves, and also interact to help each other and receive help from the organization.
A number of components are used together to deliver a partner site:
  • HCL Portal is used to provide a platform for the integration of content and applications that form the intranet portal.
  • The overall theme and top-level navigation of the intranet is also managed by using HCL Portal.
  • Web Content Manager provides the micro-level layout of the content within the portal, and is also used to directly build the news and promotions content.
  • Various HCL products plus third-party applications are used to build and deploy the online services area.
  • The catalog and billing services in the site is run by using HCL Commerce.
  • A third-party discussion system is used to deliver collaborative forums in the communities section of the site by using a custom portlet.
  • Personalization is being used to filter content throughout the site to ensure that the appropriate content and inline services are reaching the appropriate partners.

A partner site is likely to have a limited audience but a large amount of content.