E-library site | HCL Digital Experience

An online library site is dedicated to providing access to a large amount of content. The prime example is a news site, where new content is created throughout the day, every day of the week and is published online and then archived as it becomes out of date. Other examples include journals, analyst reports, and software libraries.

Users would typically register for these sites, and might then be sent emails regularly summarizing the latest content. On a news site, the latest news might be free, but users might pay for access to archived content. On other types of "library" sites, users might pay for access to any of the content.

A number of components are used together to deliver an e-library site:
  • HCL Portal is used to provide a platform for the integration of content and applications that form the e-business site.
  • The overall theme and top-level navigation of the intranet is also managed by using HCL Portal.
  • The HCL Web Content Manager provides the micro-level layout of the content within the site, and is also used to directly build content.
  • For e-libraries where the content is presented as documents, then the FileNet Content Manager would be used to store and manage the documents.
  • A custom feed producer would be written to allow the Web Content Integrator to consume a feed from the FileNet Content Manager and the HCL Web Content Manager would be used to present the documents in a website.

An e-library site might have a large audience and a large amount of content.