Brochure-ware site | HCL Digital Experience

A brochure-ware site is an externally facing site that acts as an organization's presence on the World Wide Web. The overriding focus is on representing the organization's brand to its potential customers.

This type of site is relatively static and does not need the aggregation capabilities of HCL Portal and is instead delivered by using both the servlet delivery and pre-rendering features of the HCL Web Content Manager. The site is also designed to be easily indexed by search engines like Google.

This site would include:
  • Information about the organization that includes its ethics, goals, mission, and history.
  • A news area where the organization can talk about what they are doing now and into the future.
  • A contact area with lists of locations, phone numbers, and online contact forms where users can submit queries, ask for follow-up calls.
  • A job opportunities area where an organization can advertise positions
  • A partners area where partners of the organization are listed with information about them and their relationship with the organization, and links to partner websites and partner contact details
  • Information about the organization's products and services that includes case studies and testimonials

The components in this site are limited with the HCL Web Content Manager providing all the presentation, navigation, and content.

A brochureware site can generate a large amount of traffic with a relatively small amount of content.