Page style | HCL Digital Experience

You use HTML to define the default properties of a presentation template in the same way you use HTML to define the default properties of a web page.

Any valid HTML property can be set including:

  • Margin sizes
  • Text colors
  • Background colors or images


This is an example of the HTML you might enter in a presentation template to set default properties for a presentation template.

<body bgcolor="#CC0000" text="#000000" link="#6666FF" 
vlink="#9999FF" alink="#FF33CC"leftmargin="5" topmargin="5">
Note: If the same page properties are used in more than one presentation template, they can be stored in a single text component that is itself referenced within the presentation template:
<body <component name="TextComponentName"/>>
This means that by editing a single text component, the page properties of multiple presentation templates can quickly be updated.

Cascading stylesheets

Default style properties cannot be set for components. The default page properties override any page properties set in a component.

Cascading stylesheets can be used to control the style of components. For example, You might make the links in a menu a different color to the links in a navigator by using cascading stylesheets to determine the style of different components.

Note: Where possible, use one cascading stylesheet for an entire site. A link to the stylesheet can be used, rather than embedding the stylesheet.