Components | HCL Digital Experience

You use components to store elements that are used in more than one area of your website. For example, a company logo or a copyright notice.

Static components

Static components are used to store static content such as text, files, or images.
  • component reference component
  • date and time component
  • file resource component
  • HTML component
  • image component
  • JSP component
  • link component
  • number component
  • rich text component
  • short text component
  • style sheet element
  • text component
  • user selection component

Dynamic components

Dynamic components are used to dynamically generate content based on the parameters set in the component properties.
  • menu component
  • navigator component
  • Personalization component
  • taxonomy component
  • user name component

Tool components

Tool components are used to create tools that can be added to web pages for users to do tasks such as search, inline editing, and paging through pages of links.
  • authoring tools component
  • page navigation component
  • search component