Presentation templates | HCL Digital Experience

You use a presentation template define the layout of your web content. Use tags to determine which properties, elements, or components are displayed.

Defining presentation for Web Content Viewer portlets

When you display content with HCL Portal, the presentation template defines only the layout of content that is displayed in a Web Content Viewer portlet. The overall page design is determined by which page layout is selected, which portlets are added to the page, and the selected theme.

Defining presentation for servlet rendered content

When you display content in a servlet delivered site, the presentation template represents the entire page. The presentation template also defines the default properties of a web page such as the background and default font of a web page.

There is little difference between building a presentation template and using HTML to build a servlet delivered web page. It might even be helpful to build a "mock-up" of the page you are designing in HTML before creating a new presentation template. Then replace the different sections of your web page with references to elements and components by using web content tags.