Content items | HCL Digital Experience

Content items are created from authoring templates. A single content item can be used one time in the website or it can be reused in different areas of the website.

If you have content that you want to appear on multi-pages, create a content item. Then link the content item to the different areas in the website where the content needs to appear. This approach ensures consistency and makes changing the content items easier.

The authoring template can determine what element types are included in a content item, whether a workflow is used or not and what workflow to use, and where the content item can be saved.

Each content item that you create is the equivalent to a web page in a traditional website. Unlike traditional websites, a single content item can be linked to different areas within your website, or linked to a different website altogether. The changes that you make to a single content item is visible in every place you link the content item to.

The look and feel of a content item when displayed in a website depends on what authoring template was used to create the content item, and what presentation template is used to display the content. The presentation template that is used depends on the current context of the content item, and which template mapping applies to the current context of the content item.