Adding a text element to an item

You add a text element to a site area or content item when you want a section of text to be used for a specific site area or content item.

Before you begin

Note: You can only add an element to a content item if the manage elements feature is enabled in the authoring template that is used by the content item.


  1. Open or create a site area or content item.
  2. Click Manage Elements.
  3. Select Text as the element type.
  4. Enter a name. Do not use double-byte and non-ASCII characters.
  5. Enter a display title to use as the title of the element displayed indexes and forms.
  6. If you create a text provider plug-in for a multi-locale site, you can also select the text provider and enter a key to look up a string from the selected text provider. The text provider displays a different display title for each language it is configured for. The text that is entered in the Display Title field is only used if an appropriate display title is not available from the selected text provider, or if the text provider is not available.
  7. Click OK. The text element is added to your form.
  8. Go to the text element you created.
  9. Enter text in the text field.
  10. Save the item form.