Inserting an image in an element | HCL Digital Experience

You can insert images into elements that use HTML or rich text fields


  1. To insert an image, click:
    1. the Insert Image icon in a rich text field.
    2. the Insert an Image button in an HTML field.
  2. To insert an image that is stored on your file system, click Browse under Upload an image file and select an image to upload.
  3. To insert an image component, click Browse under Insert a library image and select an image component and then click Close.
  4. You can set the following image properties under Image Attributes:
    Table 1. Image Attributes
    Property Description
    Border Define the size of the border to appear around the image. (0 = no border)
    Width Set the width of the image (in pixels). Optional.
    Height Set the height of the image (in pixels). Optional.
    Alternate text Enter the name of the image to display if the browser cannot display the image.
  5. You can also define different renditions for different media types:
    1. Open the rendition section in the form.
    2. To upload a version of the image that is sized for your purpose, select the rendition, such as desktop and click Replace Rendition. You can choose from desktop, tablet, smartphone, or none.
  6. Click OK.

What to do next

Inserting images into a rich text element using Firefox:

Firefox prevents websites from accessing local files due to security restrictions. This limitation means that you cannot view images that are inserted into a rich text element. See Disabling the security check for information on turning off this security setting.

Inserting images into a rich text element with renditions:

When inserting an image into a rich text element, only the base image is displayed. The correct image rendition is displayed for different devices at render time.