Consuming a remote portlet | HCL Digital Experience

You can select to consume remote portlets. To do so, you use the Manage Web Modules portlet.

About this task

To consume a remote portlet, perform the following steps:


  1. Click Consume.
    The list of Producers is displayed.
  2. Select a Producer. You can search to locate a particular Producer.
    When you select the Producer, the list of portlets that are provided by that Producer is displayed.
  3. Select a portlet that you want consume as a remote portlet. You can search to locate a particular portlet.
  4. Click OK to continue, or Cancel to quit.


Note: When a Producer provides a portlet, only settings that are made in the Configure mode of the portlet are available for the consumed remote portlet. Adding a remote portlet to a page on the Consumer side creates a new instance of the provided portlet on the Producer side. But this portlet instance can be modified only on the Consumer. It is not visible on the Producer portal.