Managing Web modules | HCL Digital Experience

You can install new portlets from either a Web service or WAR file, or you can manage existing portlets.

About this task

The Manage Web Modules portlet lists the Web modules that are available in your portal. It shows the following information and icons for the Web modules:
  • The Name of the Web module
  • The API type of the Web module. For example, this can be HCL, or JSR 168, or JSR 286.
  • The Status of the Web module, that is whether it is in use in the portal.
  • A View Web module properties icon. Click this icon to view the properties of the Web module.
  • An Update Web module icon. Click this icon to update the Web module.
  • A Delete Web module icon. Click this icon to delete the Web module.
  • A Assign Access to Web module icon. Click this icon to assign access to users on this Web module.

To view a list of portlet applications for a Web module, click on the appropriate link in the Name column. To see the portlets in that application, click on the corresponding portlet application in the table under the Title column.