Content provider profile policy for Web Application Bridge | HCL Digital Experience

After you create the content provider profile, create policies for different applications and resources that are served by the content provider.

A content provider profile policy is created per application or resource type. A policy specifies configurable directives and tuning parameters according to the web application's security and deployment. Any web application is identified by its context root. Based on the context root or a regex you can provision certain applications or resource paths through a unique policy.

You can have multiple policies that are created for a particular content provider profile. Sometimes a context root matches more than one policy. In that case, a best match is attempted and if there is more than a one match then a random match is applied.

URL pattern

The default is to allow all context roots to be covered with the policy and Allow all comes as selected. You can exclude context roots by specifying a context root or regex that starts with a leading /. You can have the policy that is applied to only a chosen subset. Choose Block all and enter a context root or regex that starts with a leading / in the corresponding text box.