Editing a virtual portal | HCL Digital Experience

Change the title, description, user realm information, and default theme for an existing virtual portal. Also, set locale-specific titles and descriptions.

About this task

To edit the virtual portal properties, perform the following steps:


  1. Click the Edit icon on the appropriate row to edit the virtual portal.
    The Edit Virtual Portal panel appears.
  2. Modify the text in the available fields:
    • Virtual portal title: Enter the new title of the virtual portal. This field is limited to 255 characters.
    • Virtual portal description: Enter the new description of the virtual portal. This field is limited to 255 characters.
    • User realm: Select a realm from the list. This pulldown appears only if realms are enabled on your environment.
    • Default theme: Select the default theme for the virtual portal from the drop down list. Select the Preview theme icon to see a preview of the selected theme.
  3. To set locale-specific titles and descriptions:
    1. Select the link I want to set titles and descriptions for other languages.
      The panel for setting language-specific titles and descriptions appears.
    2. Select the Edit icon in the appropriate row for the locale.
      The panel for seting title and description for a locale appears.
    3. Enter a new title in the New title: field.
    4. Enter a description in the New description field.
    5. Click OK to continue or Cancel to quit.