Managing custom unique names

The portal uses object IDs to identify portal resources unambiguously even between different portals. They consist of an extended alphanumeric string that might be difficult to remember. Portal administrators can use Manage Custom Unique Names to assign unique names, or human readable names, to portal resources. They can select names that can be easily remembered.

About this task

Manage Custom Unique Names allows you to do the following:
  • List portal resources by type
  • Determine custom unique names as desired and assign them to portal resources
  • Display the mapping between the resources and the assigned unique names in the resource list.
These custom unique names are easier to handle than the object IDs assigned by the portal, for example when porting resources from one portal to another. They make identification of portal resources easier, for example, in the following contexts:
  • When administrators export or import a portal configuration by using the XML configuration interface
  • When portlet developers link from their portlets to other portal resources, for example to pages or portlets
  • When the security of a portal is managed by an external access control system.