Viewing portal resources and custom unique names in the table

Manage Custom Unique Names allows you to create, modify, and delete custom unique names for portal resources. Manage Custom Unique Names displays the portal resources and their custom unique names in tables. Each resource type has its own table which lists all resources of that type, and their custom unique names.

About this task

The tables can have the following columns, depending on the portal resources to which you have access:
Portal resource title
This is the title that was assigned to the portal resource. This depends on the type of portal resources that you selected for listing. For example, this can be Portlet title or Web module title.
Unique identifier
This is the object ID that is used internally by the portal.
Unique name
If a custom name has been assigned to the resource, it is displayed in this column.
This column shows a description, if provided, of the unique name.
Edit icon
This column shows the icon for editing the resource.