Job opening content template

Use the Job opening content template for simple job posting functions. Do not use it to replace a full-featured job posting system.

The template contains the following types of fields:
  • The Type field indicates whether the job is a full-time, part-time, casual, or contract job.
  • The Categories field allows the job to be categorized.
  • A location field displays the location of the job.
  • A set of contact information fields shows whom to contact about the job.
  • A status field indicates if the job is open or closed and provides a text field to enter a status message.

The Job Openings Index only shows Open and Closed jobs. Jobs marked as Filled or Withdrawn do not appear in the list. Some workflow should be associated with jobs to ensure that a job does not stay in the list indefinitely. For example, job openings should eventually be either moved to a Filled or Withdrawn state.