How Content Template is built | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

Content Template is a model of how a website can be built by using HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager. You can reuse different parts of Content Template to build your own website, or use Content Template as the basis of your own model.

Content Template is built by using the following parts:

Page Templates

These are a range of page types and typical content that is often used in real sites.


Pre-configured portlets can be dropped on pages to immediately display content.


Common page functions are stored as Web Content Manager components, ranging from slideshows to navigation, social plug-ins, and lists of content

Authoring Tools

The authoring toolbar and built-in inline editing tools simplify the authoring experience.

Pages and content

Diagram displaying the relationships between pages and content.
  • Pages are used for navigation.
  • Pages map to Web Content Manager folders containing the content items used to configure the portlets that are displayed on each page.
  • Hidden detail pages are used to display content.

A diagram describing the relationship with page structure and libraries.