Content types | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

Content Template Catalog Index and Details page templates are associated with several content types. These content types were selected to cover most of the common content types that are used on both intranet and internet sites.

They roughly fall into four groups, based on the type of lifecycle they undergo.
Post content
Post content, such as News and Alerts, is posted on the site at a specific time and is removed from the site as it ages.
Scheduling content
Scheduling content, such as Events and Courses, represents something that is happening in the future. This content remains on the site until that event occurs.
Publications content
Publications content, such as general Topics and FAQs, is information that is published and then maintained indefinitely.
Profiles content
Profiles content, such as Biographies, are about people or things. The lifecycle for this content depends on activities such as the movement of people and the purchasing and release of a plant.

Common patterns are repeated across the templates wherever the same data is required. For example, a section of "Contact" fields is included with many content types. These fields are used to select a contact from your address book or enter contact details directly. Repeated fields typically contain the same rendering code for consistency across the site.