Common fields | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

Many of the templates include repeated patterns of elements, which provide consistency for the authoring experience and allows rendering components to be reused as much as possible.

The following common fields are used most often.

Name, Title, Description

  • Names appear in URLs.
  • Titles are used in lists and also appear on detail pages.
  • Description is an internal description of an item. It appears in the site only if no Summary is entered.

Index Image and Summary

  • Index Image and Library Index Image provide a way to associate an image with an item for use in lists. The image field that is called Index Image provides image upload. You can also use the Library Index Image element to select an existing image.
  • Summary is a rich text element that appears in lists and in some templates as a blurb after the title and before the body. If no summary is entered, the description field is shown.


All of the templates have a rich text Body element for text, images, links, tables, and other similar content areas.

Attachments and Links

  • Attachment elements appear on many of the templates, and provide a way to upload extra file-based content. For types without these fields, the author can always link to a "Download"? item.
  • Link elements appear on many templates for content types that are likely to need a prominently displayed link. Links can always be entered in the Body of an item also.

Feature Option and Feature Image

Some of the templates provide a "feature"? option that marks the item to be displayed in featured lists and 'special' feature lists.

  • Feature Option is a selection field that defaults to "Not featured," but can be set to Featured or Special Feature. The selected option drives the selection of these items in feature lists.
  • Feature Image allows upload of an alternative image for use in feature lists. This image is larger than the Index Image.
  • Library Feature Image allows selection of existing feature images.

Attribution Option and Attribute To

For content types where it is common to attribute content to an author, the following fields provide flexibility for attribution:

  • Attribution Option is a selection field that defaults to using the Authors field, but can be set to Enter Name or No Attribution.
  • The Attribute To field is used to enter a name for the Enter Name attribution option.