Configuring File Sync for mobile

Enable File Sync and configure file synchronization properties.

Before you begin

To optimize files downloads from the mobile app, consider using HCL® HTTP Server to manage downloads. By default, downloads are managed by WebSphere® Application Server, which keeps the web container connection open while the file is downloaded. HCL® HTTP Server, however, can determine whether the download file is accessible from the cache. In that case, the request to the server can be redirected to HCL® HTTP Server so that the web container connection becomes available for other download requests. For more information, see Configuring file downloads through HCL® HTTP Server.

About this task

File Sync is an extension to HCL® Connections that synchronizes files between a user's computers (including mobile devices) and the HCL® Connections server. Users can synchronize their own files, files that are shared with them, and files that are referenced in communities. Users can add files to the sync list from anywhere within the mobile app.

By default, File Sync is disabled in HCL® Connections. To enable and configure File Sync, edit the File Sync section of the mobile-config.xml file. If the File Sync section does not exist in the file, you must add it.

To enable and configure File Sync, complete the following steps:


  1. Check out the mobile-config.xml file for editing. For more information about checking out the file, see the Changing Mobile configuration property values topic.
  2. Open the mobile-config.xml file in a text editor.
  3. Add a section that contains all the File Sync configuration properties. For details of these properties, see the File Sync section in the Mobile configuration properties topic.
  4. To enable File Sync, specify true for the FileSync enabled property.
  5. Specify values for the remaining File Sync properties, according to the requirements of your organization.
  6. Save and check in the mobile-config.xml file.

What to do next

To be notified when files on your sync list are updated, the Push Notification service must be enabled. Files that are configured for auto sync are automatically updated on your device. Files that are configured for manual sync must be synchronized manually. If the Push Notification service is not enabled, users must open the File Sync service in the mobile app to check for and synchronize new file updates.

For more information, see the Configuring Push Notifications topic.