Push Notifications

Users will receive push notifications on their mobile device if it is enabled for the Connections mobile app.

Push notification events

The Connections server sends push notifications to a user's mobile device when the following events occur:

  • The user is invited to join a community.
  • The user is invited to join a person's network.
  • A task is assigned to the user.
  • A user is @mentioned.
  • A comment is added to content that the user owns.
Note: A user has to login to their Connections account in the mobile app before they can receive any push notifications. They will continue to receive notifications even if the app is not running. If the user explicitly logs out, they will stop receiving push notifications for the account. 

Connections administrators must enable the push notification service on the Connections Server for users to get these notifications. On-prem customers should review the "Configuring Push Notifications for Mobile" topic for the version of Connections that is deployed for their organization. Connections Social Cloud customers can enable push notifications using the Connections Mobile Administration for their organization.