Configuring Mobile

Use the HCL Connections mobile app to perform common tasks from a mobile device.

Attention: HCL Connections 6.0 CR3 Communities now integrates a subset of Connections Engagement Center features, collectively known as the "Highlights app." The Highlights app provides widgets for creating content in Connections; however, mobile users can view content in the Highlights app widgets but will not be able to contribute content with the News, News Channel, News List, News Overview, and News Slider widgets.
You can install the Connections mobile app on the following operating systems:
  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS 8+

For additional details about supported operating system details, search for the HCL Connections mobile app in the Apple App store and Google Play. The app description will contain the supported OS versions.

Tip: Throughout this documentation, the term "mobile app" refers to the native app users install on their mobile devices. The term "Mobile Server application" refers to the application that is installed on WebSphere Application Server.

The following topics describe how to administer Connections Mobile: