Library roles and permissions

The actions that you can take with library folders and files depend on the role that you are assigned.


Note: The following roles apply to community libraries only. Permissions for linked libraries are set on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) server.
Table 1. Library permissions
Role Members with this role can
  • Access and read files.
  • Like, follow, and comment on files.
  • View the trash.
Note: Everyone (public) has reader access by default.
Contributor The Contributor role applies to folders only. Contributors can add files to the folder and are owners of the files they add.
  • Perform all tasks associated with the reader role.
  • Upload new files.
  • Edit and upload new versions of files that they added to the same location.
  • Copy files to a different location.
    Note: This action requires reader access to the source file but contributor access for the target location.
  • Create folders.
Note: Community members have contributor access by default.
  • Perform all tasks associated with the contributor role.
  • Edit and upload new versions of any library file.
    Note: Editors can edit the content, the document properties, and the description of any file. However, they can only edit the file name of files that they own.
  • Edit folders that they added.
  • Perform all tasks associated with the editor role.
  • Move files to a different location.
  • Remove files from the source location when moving them to another location.
  • Delete any library file.
  • Delete any library folder.
  • Change share settings.
  • Move files that they added to the trash, and delete files that they own from the trash.
  • Empty the trash.
    Note: Members of the Community Owners group can perform this action; it is not related to having the owner role for any item inside the library.
Note: Community owners always have the owner role, and have access to all library files and folders. When someone creates a file or folder, community owners are automatically added as owners of that file or folder. Community owners cannot be modified.

Users who are community owners can also perform management tasks for libraries. For more information see, Owners - manage your community effectively.