Keeping your community activities up-to-date

After you add the Activities app to your community, you can edit activity details.

Before you begin

To edit information about a community activity, such as the activity title, goal, and tags, you must edit the activity in the Activities app.

Community owners cannot manage tasks for any activities that are shared with a community. Only the activity owner who shared the activity with the community can manage that activity.


To manage community activities, open the community and complete the following tasks as needed.
  • To edit basic information about an activity, such as its title, goal, and tags, click the activity title to open it in Activities. From there, select Activity Actions > Edit Activity to edit the activity.
    For more information on how to work with your activity, click the Help link in the Activities user interface.
  • To assign roles to community members for community activities, in the community overvew page, select Community Actions > Edit Community. Select the Activites tab and then select either Owner, Author or Reader in Manage Activity Settings.