Customizing the Highlights page

As a community owner, you can customize Highlights, the default start page for a new community, to create a portal-like experience where you can aggregate content from a variety of sources, as well as display standard community apps.

For example, you might include a news feed that brings in posts from a couple of key blogs that everyone in your community can see. You can make a community a one-stop experience for your user, where, on one page, they can find everything they need to collaborate with a team. At the same time, you can include any standard apps from your community.

If you manage an existing community and want to try out the Highlights page, add the page by clicking Edit Community and then Add Apps, and then select Highlights from the list.

Attention: To customize the Highlights page you should be comfortable configuring widgets. For an example of how you do it, click the link "Configuring a Highlights widget" at the end of this page. If you prefer to set the start page for your community as the standard Overview page, click Edit Community, click the Community Profile tab, and switch the entry in the Start Page field to Overview.