Creating a wiki

Create a wiki so your team can create and collaborate on content. Assign roles and permissions for your team. Only owners can delete wiki pages.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Apps > Wikis and click Start a Wiki.
  2. Fill in the form fields. You can make the wiki open to everyone in your organization or specific members or group.
  3. Choose who can read, edit, or own the wiki, referring to the table that follows.


Terms Definitions
All users

Everyone can read the wiki, including people who are not logged in.

Wiki members only

Only people whom you specify as members can read the wiki.

All logged in users Anyone who logs in can edit the wiki
Wiki editors and owners only

Only people to whom you grant editor or owner access.

Editor Can read, edit, comment, create, tag, and like pages
Reader Can read, comment, and like pages
Owner Can read, edit, comment, create, tag, like, and delete pages. Owners can tag the wiki and change the wiki description.

Creating pages

  1. Open a page at the same level at which you want to create a page.
  2. Click Page Actions > Create Peer to create a page at the same level as the current page.
  3. Click Page Actions > Create Child to create a page one level below the current page.

Tip: Connections will automatically create a table of contents that uses heading levels 2, 3, or 4. Use the HTML Source view to create tagged heading with <h2>, <h3>, or <h4>.

Deleting a wiki

To delete a wiki, open it and click Wiki Actions > Delete Wiki.

How much space do I have?

Wiki owners and editors can check the wiki's size limit and usage by clicking Index. The size limit is set by the administrator.

Community wikis

Access to a community wiki is managed by community owners. Membership roles in the community are replicated in the wiki. Community owners can edit wiki settings, and community members can create and edit pages in the wiki. Users who are not members of the community can read the wiki but cannot edit it. For information, see Working with Community wikis.