Why use a wiki?

A wiki is a collection of content that is created and edited by team members. Wikipedia is the best example of a living, breathing body of knowledge created and updated by thousands. Wikis tap into the power of the team to collaborate and build a knowledge base. Everyone can participate if given permission. Wikis allow the right people to work collaboratively to build information, to come together and make contributions to content. It's crowd-sourcing for your team.

What are some uses for wikis?

Wikis have been used to collect best practices, guidelines, specifications, meeting minutes, and more. People who are given access can create a page and @mention other wiki members with questions or comments, right in the wiki. Pages can be updated as new information becomes available.

Wikis can be easily organized with a table of contents and tagged so people can find information in the wiki fast. Anyone can track changes to a wiki by following a wiki or wiki pages. Previous versions of wiki pages are saved so rollbacks to previous pages are available.

Looking for help for community wiki pages? See Working with community wiki pages.