Editing other people's wiki pages

To edit other people's pages, you must have Owner or Editor access to the wiki. If you have Reader access only, ask the wiki owner or a member with Owner access to give you Editor access.


  1. Open the page that you want to edit and click Edit.
    Tip: If the Edit button is disabled, see Working with wiki pages for more information.
  2. Edit the content in either the Rich Text tab or HTML Source tab. To use the HTML editor, you must be familiar with HTML code.


When you save the edited page, the changes are saved in a new version of the page. To see the different versions, click Versions at the foot of the page.

Access to a community wiki is managed in the community. Membership roles in the community are replicated in the wiki. Community owners can edit wiki settings, and Community members can create and edit pages in the wiki. Users who are not members of the community can read the wiki content but they cannot edit it. For more information, see the Communities wiki help.