How does the trash work in wikis?

You can remove wiki pages by moving them to the trash. Pages can then be deleted from the trash or restored to the wiki. Your wiki access determines what you can do with the trash.

About this task

Owners of a wiki can move any wiki page to the trash. Editors can move pages that they created to the trash. Owners can permanently delete pages from the trash or restore them to the wiki. Editors can permanently delete pages that they created or restore pages that they created.

Wiki members with Reader access can view the trash but they cannot move pages to the trash. Nor can they delete or restore pages in the trash. If you want to restore a page from the trash but do not have the necessary access, contact the page owner.

In public wikis, everyone has the same access to the trash as Readers.


  1. Open a wiki page.
  2. Click Page Actions > Move to Trash.
  3. Click Trash in the navigation panel.
  4. Choose either of the following options:
    • To restore pages: select the pages and click Restore. Restoring pages restores them under the parent page but does not restore the original order of the pages. If the parent page does not exist, the restored pages are restored to the top level of the wiki.
    • To permanently delete pages: select the pages and click Delete.
    Note: You can select wiki pages on different pages in the trash. Select wikis pages in a page of the trash and then go to the next page in the trash, where you can select more wiki pages. The wiki pages on the first page remain selected.
  5. To permanently delete all pages in the trash, click Empty Trash.