Installing WebSphere® Application Server updates

Update WebSphere® Application Server and its supplemental web server software to the latest supported versions before installing HCL Connections upgrades and Cumulative Refreshes.

Before you begin

On the system where the Deployment Manager is installed, verify that Installation Manager 1.8.5 is installed.

About this task

Update WebSphere® Application Server, the HTTP Server, and Web Server Plug-ins to bring them to the fix level required for Connections 6.5.


  1. From the IM_root directory, run the file to start the Installation Manager:
    • AIX® or Linux: ./launcher
    • Windows: launcher.exe
      Note: On Windows Server, the launcher.exe file is in the IM_root \eclipse directory.
  2. Install WebSphere® Application Server or higher (make sure you use a version supported by the Connections release that you are updating to) and supported Java Development Kit (JDK) .
  3. Install the latest versions of HTTP Server 8.5.
  4. Install the latest versions of Web Server Plug-ins for WebSphere® Application Server 8.5.