Migrating to HCL Connections 6.0 CR6

Migrate HCL Connections and its supporting software to the latest release and then update the installation with the latest deployment, interim fixes, or Cumulative Refresh (CR).

Before you begin

Prior to installing HCL Connections 6.5, migrate to Connections 6 CR6.
  • Migrating from a release prior to Connections 6.0 CR6:
    1. Use the migration process outline for that version of Connections to Connections 6.0 IFR1. Fully complete the migration process before moving on to the next step
    2. Update to Connections 6 CR6, apply all database schema updates, and create the XCC db.
    3. Refer to Upgrading to HCL Connections 6.5 to complete the Connections 6.5 deployment.