Preparing Touchpoint for migration

You must remove some existing settings for the Touchpoint onboarding feature before you can migrate to Connections 6.5.

About this task

In Connections 6.5, Touchpoint installation is integrated with the main installation program. If you installed Touchpoint separately in an earlier version of Connections, you must complete the following steps before installing Connections 6.5.


  1. Before installing Connections 6.5, use the WebSphere Application Server console to uninstall the touchpoint.ear file from the WebSphere server.
  2. Remove the /touchpoint directory from IBM HTTP Server.
  3. Remove Touchpoint-related configurations from the Profiles-Config.xml and profiles-types.xml files.
  4. If applicable, remove the script that loads Touchpoint from the header.jsp and footer.jsp files.
  5. (Optional) For cleanup purposes you can remove the Touchpoint Resource Environment entry: from the WebSphere console, select Resources > Resource environment > Resource Environment Providers.
  6. Install Connections 6.5.
  7. In the touchpoint-config.xml file, enable the Touchpoint UI by setting uiEnabled to true. For more information, seeTouchpoint configuration properties.
  8. Start the Connections server.
  9. To confirm that Touchpoint starts, open the browser and log in to Connections. You should see a personalized welcome screen that invites you to create your profile and connect with people and communities.