Installing Customizer (mw-proxy)

Install the Customizer (mw-proxy) offering of the Component Pack for HCL Connections.

Before you begin

Before attempting to install Customizer verify that the following tasks were successfully completed:


  1. Copy the following three files from the location extractedFolder/microservices_connections/hybridcloud/support/customizer to the customizer persistent volume directory (/pv-connections/customizations) on your storage node:
    • container.css
    • containUtils.js
    • utils.js
  2. Install the Customizer (mw-proxy) Helm chart by running the following command:
    Note: By default, deployment is done to the connections namespace. If you created a namespace with a different name and would like to deploy there, the following extra value must be included in the helm install command: namespace=namespace
    helm install \
    --name=mw-proxy extractedFolder/microservices_connections/hybridcloud/helmbuilds/mw-proxy-0.1.0-20191122-024351.tgz
    --set \

    In the command, replace extractedFolder with the location of the directory where you extracted the Component Pack installation package. Replace the value of image.repository with the name of your Docker registry.

  3. Verify that Customizer was successfully deployed.
    1. Verify that the installation completed by running the helm list command.

      When the installation completes, the chart's status shows as DEPLOYED.

    2. Then run the following command to check the status of all of the pods.
      kubectl get pods -n connections

      It can take up to 10 minutes for all pods to start.