Troubleshooting Component Pack installation or upgrade

If you encounter issues when installing or deploying the Component Pack images, refer to these troubleshooting tips or consult HCL Support Services for recent tech articles.

Known issues and resolutions are tracked as tech articles in the HCL Support Services. Search for Component Pack to view the latest issues.

Troubleshooting Component Pack installation

The following list describes known issues with installing the Component Pack and suggests solutions.

Component Pack application does not load after 10 minutes.

There might be an issue with the pod containing the application components. Complete the following steps to determine which pod is causing the problem:

  1. Run the following command to get the pod names (the default namespace name is connections):
    kubectl get pods -n connections
  2. When you have identified a pod that is not running or complete, run the following command to get information about that pod, using the pod name you retrieve in step 1:
    kubectl describe pod pod_name -n connections
  3. To retrieve pod logs, run the following command:
    kubectl logs pod_name -n connections