Configuring Connections Content Manager for Libraries

If you installed the Connections Content Manager add-on, you must configure FileNet® to work with Connections Content Manager. Choose the instructions that match your deployment: either an existing FileNet® deployment, which you installed independently before you installed HCL Connections or a new, integrated FileNet® deployment that is part of a new HCL Connections installation.

Attention: If you already deployed FileNet for a previous version of Connections Content Manager and are now migrating to Connections V6.0, skip this section and update the FileNet configuration as explained in Restoring FileNet components after migrating to HCL Connections 6.0.
This section assumes you have already performed the Connections Content Manager preinstall and installation tasks required for making Libraries available in your Connections implementation.
  • Pre-installation tasks

    If you want to use Connections Content Manager, you must configure Connections and FileNet® with the same WebSphere® federated repositories. When HCL Connections is installed, the installer provides a user name and password for a system user account that is created by the installer to handle feature-to-feature communication. The Connections installer also creates a J2C authentication alias name connectionsAdmin. This alias is filled with the specified user and maps that user to a set of application roles.

  • Installing HCL Connections

    The Connections Content Manager deployment option only displays if you chose to install the Connections Content Manager feature during installation.

Configure your FileNet® deployment after installation as the following topics describe: