Configuring HCL Connections Content Manager with an existing FileNet® deployment

An existing FileNet® deployment is one that was installed independently of HCL Connections. Because it was installed separately, you must take additional steps to set up your implementation of IBM® Filenet to work with Connections Content Manager.

Before you begin

To use an existing FileNet® deployment with Connections Content Manager, the existing deployment must be configured to use HCL Connections as a directory provider. Changing configuration of the directory or changing JVM arguments used in FileNet® directory configuration may only be done during FileNet® domain creation or afterward with services for directory migration. Contact IBM® services to migrate the directory service provider to use HCL Connections.
Note: OAuth is supported by the Connections WebSphere® cell. OAuth is enabled only when FileNet® is installed through the Connections installer. OAuth is used for single sign-on with other applications including IBM® Notes®. Download events are not available in the Connections event SPI and metrics might not include download information when Connections Content Manager uses an existing FileNet® deployment.

For an existing FileNet® system, ensure that single sign-on (SSO) has been configured between your FileNet® and Connections servers. WebSphere® LTPA SSO is recommended. Refer to Configure SSO between IBM® FileNet® and HCL Connections for more information.

To understand which add-ons need to be installed in the object store, refer to Preparing an object store to be used by Connections.

What to do next

To complete the configuration, make sure to configure collaborative features in FileNet® using the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE) on the FileNet® system.