Configuring IBM HTTP Server as reverse proxy


  1. Log in to the HTTP server as the root user (AIX®, Linux) or the administrator (Windows).
  2. Backup the current httpd.conf.
  3. Open the http.conf file in a text editor. The http.conf file is typically stored in the following location:
    • AIX: /opt2/IBM/HTTPServer/
    • Linux: /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/
    • Windows: D:\IBM\HTTPServer\conf\
  4. Define the Virtual Host Reverse Proxy.
    Note: Combine this with the existing VirtualHost entry.
    • <VirtualHost *:443>
    • ServerName [CONNECTIONS_URL]
    • RewriteEngine On
    • RewriteRule ^/activities/service/html/(.*)$ /boards/activities/service/html/$1 [R]
    • ProxyPass "/boards" "http://[KUBERNETES_NAME]:32080/boards"
    • ProxyPassReverse "/boards" "http://[KUBERNETES_NAME]:32080/boards"
    • ProxyPass "/api-boards" "http://[KUBERNETES_NAME]:32080/api-boards"
    • ProxyPassReverse "/api-boards" "http://[KUBERNETES_NAME]:32080/api-boards"
    • </VirtualHost>


    • [CONNECTIONS-URL] is the URL of your HCL Connections deployment
    • [KUBERNETES_NAME] is the hostname/IP of the master in your kubernetes cluster
    • [KUBERNETES_PORT] is the port of your Ingress Controller (32080), so make sure that is deployed and running before making these changes

    For example:

    • <VirtualHost *:443>
    • ServerName
    • #Kudos Boards
    • ProxyPass "/boards" ""
    • ProxyPassReverse "/boards" ""
    • ProxyPass "/api-boards" ""
    • ProxyPassReverse "/api-boards" ""
    • #End Kudos Boards
    • </VirtualHost>
  5. Save the httpd.conf file.
  6. Apply the changes by restarting the HTTP server gracefully; for example:

    /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl graceful