Migrating Activities data

If you want to move existing Activities data to Activities Plus, you must run the migration service.

For information, see Migration of Activities in the Kudos Docs help.

Deploy the helm chart with the same configuration boards-cp.yaml file used to deploy the kudos-boards-cp chart. Run the helm upgrade command from the directory that contains boards-cp.yaml.

helm upgrade kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration path_to_helm_charts/kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration-1.0.0-20191120-214007.tgz -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections --recreate-pods

where path_to_help_charts is the file path to the helm charts: extractedFolder/microservices_connections/hybridcloud/helmbuilds/

For example:
helm upgrade kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration /root/microservices_connections/hybridcloud/helmbuilds/kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration-1.0.0-20191120-214007.tgz -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections --recreate-pods