Adding SharePoint to your Community

IBM Connections Community owners who want to use the Microsoft SharePoint widget must complete certain Community tasks.

About this task

The SharePoint Files widget is added and configured on a per community basis:.


  1. Adding the Microsoft SharePoint Files widget to a Community.
    • Log on to IBM Connections once the SharePoint Files widget is available for the Communities application, a community owner can click the Community Actions button for the community and add the SharePoint widget to the community from the widget panel.
      Note: If the Sharepoint Files widget has not yet been added to a community, a community owner must add it.
    • Click Community Actions >Add Apps. The Add Apps pallet will display. Select SharePoint Files
  2. The Community owner must edit the Community configuration to input the SharePoint URL
    • When the Sharepoint Files widget is added to the community for the first time, a configuration error should be present notifying the end user that no Sharepoint Files configuration has been set.
    • Select Community Actions>Edit Community, then select the SharePoint Files tab
    • Input a URL to the Sharepoint site displaying the Documents Library which you wish to display inside the given Connections Community. This configuration will be set for all users in the given Connections Community.
    • Select a Style. Each style enables the Community Administrator to select from 2 pre-definied configurable style sheets which alter the appear of the Sharepoint Site inside the Sharepoint Files widget. Select Save to keep the configuration for this community.
    • Test The Configuration. Test the configuration has been saved by navigating back to the Community Over view page and then selecting Sharepoint Files from the navigation drop down menu.