Adding an image to a blog

Bring your blog postings to life by adding images.

About this task

You can add images from your local file system, from files that you already uploaded, or from web pages to enhance your blog entries. You can also paste an image that you copied to the clipboard.
Note: Pasting images is supported in the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers only.


  1. Create or edit a blog entry.
  2. Insert your cursor in the Entry field where you want the image to be.
  3. Click the Insert Image icon in the editor toolbar.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Browse for a file name to add an image file from your local file system.
    • Select from a recent photo you uploaded.
    • Enter a URL for an image file on a web page.
  5. Choose layout options to size and position the image.
  6. Click Insert to add the image to the blog posting.
  7. Preview your posting or post it to the blog to see the image.