Marking a record as a duplicate

If two records are similar, you can place one in a Duplicate state and establish a link to the corresponding record. A record can be a duplicate of only one record, but it can have more than one duplicate.


To mark a record as a duplicate:
  1. Locate the duplicate record in the Query Results view, right-click it, and click Change State > Duplicate.
  2. In the Mark as Duplicate window, type the record ID or the unique numeric suffix of the record of which this is a duplicate.
    • If you are not sure that you are pointing to the correct record, click Show more details to view the entire record.
    • If you need more search capabilities to locate the record of which this is a duplicate, click Use query. The Browse Record window opens, where you can run existing queries, create new queries, and search on unique numeric suffixes and text.
    • To edit the record before it is written to the database, select Allow updating the record before committing it to the database.


To revert the record to its original state, right-click the record and select Change State > Unduplicate.