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HCL Compass V2.1.0
Learn general information about the product.
Learn how to install the product.
Install and deploy HCL Compass
Find information about installing and deploying HCL Compass client and server software
Using HCL installation and packaging utilities
Learn how to upgrade and migrate data for the product.
Planning your upgrade
To plan a HCL Compass upgrade, identify prerequisite requirements for hardware and software, choose an upgrade strategy, select HCL Compass features to install, understand how to upgrade HCL Compass server components, and prepare your environment.
Upgrading HCL Compass
Review the upgrade information and complete optional and required tasks for upgrading HCL Compass.
Configuring your environment after upgrading
After upgrading HCL Compass and installing any new components, there are series of tasks to perform both to verify a successful upgrade, and to configure new or upgraded components.
Learn how to administer the product.
Administering HCL Compass
Learn how to administer the HCL Compass.
Administering HCL Compass Web
This section discusses how to administer HCL Compass Web.
Administering HCL Compass Multisite
Administering HCL Compass Multisite
Learn how to generate reports for the product.
Reporting on HCL Compass data sources
HCL Compass provides a flexible reporting solution to design and test reports with Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) that are configured with the Compass Reporting Driver. Users can share Compass reports with the Report Launcher for Compass Agile planning.
Reporting deployment planning
HCL Compass lets you customize your deployment to support data-pull reports with BIRT reporting tools.
Learn how to develop schemas by using the HCL Compass Designer.
Developing Schemas
You can develop or modify schemas with the HCL Compass Designer.
Learn how to manage change and release in the product.
Using your HCL Compass Web client
HCL Compass Web is a browser-based interface to HCL Compass that runs on Windows, the UNIX system, and Linux. You can track defects and change requests in HCL Compass Web through this interface. When a session times out, you can re-authenticate and continue where you left off because the state of the user interface is retained.
Using the HCL Compass Client
Use the HCL Compass Client to submit, modify, and track change requests and to analyze project progress.
Using HCL Compass for Windows® client
You can use HCL Compass to perform daily activities after the schema developer and administrator define and set up the schema, schema repository, and user database.
Using HCL Compass ALM
The application lifecycle management (ALM) packages and ALM schema provide out-of-the-box solutions for ensuring ALM best practices in your new or existing HCL Compass change management system.
You can integrate HCL Compass with other software by adding packages to existing schema.
Configuring and using Collaborative Lifecycle Management integrations
Collaborative Lifecycle Management integrations provide a common approach to artifact linking, dashboards, security, and user interface frameworks. Cross-product links support traceability, web-like navigation, commenting, and status tracking across project repositories.
Integrating with other products
You can integrate HCL Compass with other software by adding packages to existing schema.
Learn how to extend the product.
Review reference information for the product.