What's New in Compass v2.1.0 release

The HCL Compass v2.1.0 release introduces support for the following enhancements.

New features

SCM integration package application

Compass supports a software configuration management (SCM) tool that provides tracking and controlling changes in the software. For details, see the SCM integration record types on the online Help.

Agile Schema

The Agile schema allows an agile team or organization of agile teams to track agile work items in Compass.

For details, see the HCL Compass Agile schema on the online Help.

New APIs

For details, see the Dynamic Forms feature on the online Help.

REST API and redesigned UI support is included only for HCL Compass running on containers, on Docker, Docker Compose, and HCL Solution Factory.
HCL Compass on Docker and Docker Compose is not supported when deployed in a production environment. To use HCL Compass in a container in a production environment, deploy HCL Compass to a Kubernetes environment. For more information, see Getting started with HCL Compass on HCL SoFy.
Enhanced supported for HCL Compass in containers on Docker, Docker Compose, and HCL SolutionFactory
  • Support for HCL Compass on Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Single sign on support via the Keycloak service has been enabled for HCL Compass on Docker, Docker Compose, and Helm Chart.
  • Support for persistent volumes for HCL Compass Helm Chart.
  • Support for rolling upgrades and roll backs to the HCL Compass Helm Chart.
  • SCM integration support on Docker, Docker Compose, and Helm Chart.
  • For full details about Docker, Docker Compose, and SoFy support, see the following topics:
Improved Kanban functionality
  • Additional filtering support and Preset filters.
  • Added support for refresh and clear functionality.
  • Quick View on cards to allow a user to get additional record data without completely opening the record.
  • Enhanced Drag and Drop support for moving records between state, such as:
    • Additional input fields for allowing a user to enter the necessary data, if any, to move it to the next state.
    • Lane detection for invalid states are blurred out.
  • Kanban support for additional Defect Schema and Simple Agile Schema.
Rich Text Editor support in the Schema Designer