Install and deploy HCL Compass

Find information about installing and deploying HCL Compass client and server software


You must uninstall the IBM Rational ClearQuest version before installing HCL Compass. The products are not compatible and cannot share load balancer across brands.

Important: If you are switching to the 64-bit version of HCL Compass from the 32-bit version, you must first uninstall the 32-bit version of HCL Compass before installing the 64-bit version. Note that when you uninstall HCL Compass, the CCM.preserve directory is created. This directory contains any custom settings from the HCL Compass product that you uninstalled. When you reinstall the HCL Compass product on the same machine, the installation process discovers the CCM.preserve directory and presents options to let you use the preserved settings from the previous installation for the new installation or to ignore them.

When you install the 64-bit HCL Compass on a machine that previously had 32-bit ClearQuest, you should clean your Eclipse workspace. This means deleting the .Rational/clearquest folder out of your user directory.