HCL Compass schemas

This topic explains the concept of a HCL Compass schema.

A HCL Compass schema is a complete description of the process model for one or more types of change requests. It includes a description of the states and actions of the model, the structure of the data, hook code, forms, reports, and queries.

To change the way a type of change request is handled, you must understand how to check out, test, and check in a schema, and how to upgrade databases to include the modifications.

Note: To perform the schema development tasks in this topic, you must have schema developer or administrator privileges.

Later you will learn how to modify the elements of a schema (the process model, data structure, hook code, and so on) and how to change a schema by applying packages (bundles of schema components that add a feature to a schema).

To work with schemas, you need schema designer or super user privileges. To set user privileges, see Administering users.

HCL Compass software includes several predefined schemas that provide common workflow models. For a list of predefined schemas and packages, see HCL Compass schemas and packages.

Your change management system might be affected if you support databases and clients or Web servers that use different character sets, or if you have applications that are integrated with HCL Compass software. For more information: