Schemas and packages

This topic explains the concept of using schemas and packages in HCL Compass.

HCL Compass software includes several predefined schemas. There are schemas for HCL products for Windows™, and a Blank schema that contains only required record types, which you can use to build a schema.

Each schema consists of a number of schema packages that provide specific functions or support for integrations with HCL software. You can customize an existing schema by adding one or more of these packages to it.

When you upgrade HCL Compass software, you might need to apply the upgrade packages to your existing schema to take advantage of new functions. For a list of upgrade packages that you might need to apply, see the Compass and Compass MultiSite Release Notes.

For instructions about how to add packages to a schema, see Applying package upgrades. For information about how to customize a schema, see Customizing a schema.

For information about naming restrictions when using packages, see Naming restrictions.

Plan carefully before adding packages to a schema and take the following restrictions into consideration:
  • You cannot remove a package; instead, you must delete all schema versions that include it. You can delete schema versions only if you have not applied them to a user database.
  • If you are working in a MultiSite environment, you must always apply packages from the same site.